Driving break though industry-leading results incorporating technology and top talent. Our goal is to redefine the role of healthcare providers and promote quality of life for patients.

What we do

DC Telecare is an industry-leading provider of telemonitoring services. Telemonitoring is the use of FDA approved technology in the patient homes, which gathers and transmits vital patient information pertaining to their diagnosis.

How we work

Our teams of skilled registered nurses monitor each patient daily and build a relationship based on trust. We promote medication management as well as education of diagnosis and lifestyle change to facilitate healthy outcomes.

Success stories

Our goal is to provide exceptional 24 hour monitoring to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and costly hospitalization. We have been providing telemonitoring services for over a decade and have exceptional rates that document our success.

Who we are

DC Telecare is a leader in the ever-changing healthcare landscape providing telemonitoring services throughout Texas. We service patients from Dallas to McAllen, Texas and provide a solution for doctors to always be aware of the current health of each patient. Our technology is not only easy for the patient to learn and use, but it provides a platform for communication and trust. On the physician end, they are capable of utilizing up to date vitals and graphs that correlate long-term results as well as patient feedback. This data facilitates educated decisions on medication, diet and lifestyle changes. We believe that we are the solution that helps manage patients while they are away from the physician’s office.